Americans Held Hostage in Mumbai

mumbai-pics1I want to start this by saying my prayers are going out for all those involved in this hostage crisis situation. So far between 100-125 people are dead. Who was targeted for these fanatical Islamofascists? Westerners. One report has no American casualties but another has two Americans missing. So it seems ol’ Joe was right, it was just his timing that was off. It wasn’t six months into the Obama presidency but 22 days. But I thought the world was going to see America as some kind of benevolent, enlightened nation for electing a radical Muslim (oops I mean “Christian.” Yeah right and I am a rocket scientist) to the office of President.

Why do we continue to iisten to these whackjob liberals? They never get anything right. There is a reason we are the Right and they’re not! Believe it or not, I am not blaming Obama for this-I had already wrote in my essay, “The Honeymoon is Over” that jihadists were not friends of Obama and celebrating his victory. But I am blaming liberals, because though this happened in India and not in the United States the liberal media tried to paint a picture of the world rejoicing at Obama’s election. Kenya declared a national holiday or so the rumor went. Still don’t know if that was true or not. But now, all the world would now be at peace because we elected the new Messiah. Of course, people with half a brain like me and the rest of Middle America knew that was utter hogwash.obama3

So now another 125 people are dead because the liberals don’t want to hurt the feelings of these insane fanatics. How many people have to die before they start taking this Islam threat seriously? I don’t care how intolerant this sounds-people are continuously being slaughtered and liberals can care less. We need to deal with these people and not by sitting down and having tea with them and having a nice chat. And don’t sit there and tell me that I am a minority religion so I should have more tolerance for them 1) There are over 13 million people who are Mormon worldwide that is hardly a minority religion. We are the fastest growing religion on the planet! 2) There are still far more than 13 million Muslims worldwide so they are hardly a minority either 3) When Mormons start beheading people on the internet and crashing planes into buildings, then you can compare my religion with theirs! Until don’t begin to insult my religion by comparing mine to these murderers!

I hope Obama now realizes that peaceful dialogue is not an option with people like these and no matter what we do in America, we are always going to be targets. That these are not a freedom loving people and we need to stop treating them like they are. It is time to take the blinders off because if we don’t it will literally be the death of us. Not that the liberals would mind, but of course, the cowardice of the liberal ideology means they would be the first ones dead anyway. For all those suffering now, you are in my prayers. May God be with you in this time of need.


4 thoughts on “Americans Held Hostage in Mumbai

  1. You’re welcome. I am glad you liked my posts rubyeliot. As one wise man uttered in a film, “I’m mad as h**l and I am not going to take it anymore!” It is time Americans stop taking it! God bless you and I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

  2. I just discovered your blog and I am also enjoying reading your thoughts and beliefs, which are many that I share with you.
    I hope you have/had a blessed Thanksgiving!!

    This story is very sad.

  3. This story is very sad Princess. What is even sadder is the lack of courage on the part of liberals to face the enemy in the eye and not blink. There is a time for diplomacy and there is a time for force and unfortunately force is the only language barbarians like these understand. I hope you too had a very blessed Thanksgiving and got to share it with the ones you love. After all, it is family that makes this holiday so special.

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