It’s My Country, I Hate If I Want To

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It’s My Country, I Hate If I Want To

america-picNow this is not going to be an article on the anti-American sentiments of the Left. We already know they hate America and why they just don’t pack up and move to their beloved Netherlands already and leave us true patriots to reside here I will never know. What I want to talk about is hate crime legislation and the continuing effort to criminalize a person’s thoughts. The whole premise of hate crime legislation is not one of tolerance but one of Orwellian mind control. The people who support hate crime legislation are no different than that little boy who sent everyone into the cornfield because he didn’t like what they were thinking on the “Twilight Zone.” (Only a radical leftist could look at that episode, not shudder and think, “Hmmm how could I do that in real life?” )

The right to hate is just as fundamental to the human experience as the right to love. Hate gets a bad rap a lot of the time but it is actually good in a lot of respects. If I didn’t hate getting burned I might go around playing with matches. If I didn’t hate being cold, I wouldn’t cover myself when the temperature dropped and get sick and if it is cold enough, even die. If I didn’t hate rap music, I would be liable to think all Black women are whores and Black men are thugs. So hatred is not necessarily a bad thing. It can actually be beneficial. To try to wipe it out through legislation is ridiculous and downright dangerous. You don’t increase tolerance for others by wiping out hatred, you do it by increasing knowledge. The more you know about people, religions and cultures, the more apt you are to be open to experiences of all kinds.

The irony of hate crime legislation is that the more you try to eliminate hate, the more you increase it. If those whackjob, gay militants want to hate Mormons then fine! Let them. What they don’t get to do in the name of hate is extortion, intimidation and harass people because they don’t like them. I hate Obama, you don’t see me making death threats against him. (Actually, I am a bit afraid that he might end getting shot in the head, die and then come back three days later proving he is the anti-Christ. LOL ) In any case, hatred is not something that can be legislated against. While violent acts can be, we shouldn’t be getting into punishing people for their thoughts. Our thoughts are private domain and should not be accountable to the state. Our thoughts are only accountable to God himself.

Hate crimes also don’t much to uphold the value of human beings. If I can get myself killed by a Nazi I shall receive justice. Should some Blood or Crip who happens to be my color kill me-then no! It is ridiculous! The motivation of the crime should only be allowed as to explain why the person may have committed the crime but it should not be a factor in sentencing. Most serial killers who kill do not do it out of hate but out of a twisted pathology in which they derive enjoyment in killing. Should we hold them less accountable because they didn’t “hate” their victims. Hate is so subjective and personal. Sometimes we have valid reasons for hating someone-the guy who killed my father is a prime example. Sometimes we do not. In any case, it is not up to the state to decide what I think or what I feel. As long as I am acting in accordance to the laws, they need to keep their laws out of my mind.

We cannot forget hate speech as well. Almost anything can be construed as hate speech and therefore punishable by law. However, our first amendment rights give us the liberty to speak out. Hate speech will eventually be used to censor those of moral convictions and not those who are seeking to destroy all Jews or Blacks. Believe it or not I want that kind of speech to be spoken because then I know who I need to be wary of. I can protect myself and my family more if I know who my enemy is. They are actually doing me a favor by publicizing it. Not only that when people are vocal about such things, it won’t be long before they carry out a legitimate crime and then I can lock them up for good. By shutting them up you are not doing me any favor, you are only making it harder for me to know who my true enemies are.

It is for all these reason I am deadset against hate crime laws, they are unjust, tyrannical and have no place in a free society. We must do everything to combat real crime and leave what people think to God. Let him do his job and we will do ours.


15 thoughts on “It’s My Country, I Hate If I Want To

  1. Wow. Thank you for your site.

    My youngest son is currently serving in the San Francisco Mission, and in his previous email to me, (just post Prop8), he’s told me how many Missionaries have been chased by groups of “pink commandos”.

  2. Actually instead of hitting save when I wanted to take a break I hit publish so my stuff went up unfinished. It is now complete. If you would like to come back and read it again and then give me your opinion I would be glad to listen. But the point I was trying to make was simple. You don’t legislate against feelings you legislate against actions. I can hate anyone I want to as long as that hatred doesn’t cross the line into violence, that is when you step in.

  3. Hey Mike, the missionaries have been in my prayers. I hope your son is doing okay, it sounds like he is having a rough go of it. Just know he is out there trying to save souls and there is nothing more important you can do than that. He is a brave young man and just like our soldiers on the battlefield, he faces peril every day. God bless you and your family. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. After reading your responce, I have to amend my earlier comment. This approach I can, for the most part, agree with.

  5. blacknright,
    Thank you! I know prayers are answered. Thank you again for your prayers!

    I left another, (long winded) comment on another thread. When I stumbled on your blog I was researching the Prop8 response, and to be honest, I was a little down. My son’s pday was Monday, and it is the 1st email he’s missed. I know he’s alright. Its just that our strong friendship, which grew even stronger while he was prepping for his Mission, has
    me feeling like a child on Christmas morning in anticipation of his weekly email. Seeing all the people who misunderstand the Church’s POV on homosexuality and redefining marriage just depressed me. Your blog snapped me out, though!

  6. Hey evlreala, I can understand by my earlier unfinished thought how you might’ve thought I was a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Thanks for coming back and reading my completed essay and for giving me a second chance to explain my side more clearly. Hope to see you back here soon. (And I am glad to see you agree with me after all. LOL)

  7. Hello Mike,
    I am glad I was able to “snap you out of it” as you put it. That means a lot to me. Your comments have brought a smile to my face and I will keep your son in my prayers as he goes along on his mission. We just got a missionary back home last week. He went to Canada for his mission. When he gave his testimony it was amazing. I commented to another member it was like hearing from a General Authority, he spoke with that much conviction, love and honor. During one part of his story people were tearing up, he has grown into an amazing young man. I am sure your son will be no less amazing upon his return as well. God bless you and you are more than welcome at my site anytime.

  8. Hello Mike,
    As I re-read one of your responses, I realized you probably meant bday and not pday (at first I thought you meant payday) so I want to wish your son a Happy Belated Birthday and I will keep you and him in my thoughts. God bless you.


  9. LOL my parents are from the Netherlands and they are moderately, mildly liberal… THEY won’t even go back there, it has gotten terrible there.
    Yes, it has changed so much since I was a child.

    I am still in shock… still working through this… I think I will wait until after Christmas otherwise my eyes will hemorrhage!

  10. You mean the Netherlands is not an oasis and beacon of liberal enlightenment? Who knew? Your parents sound smart. Thank you for writing in. I hope you will drop by again soon.

    Please forgive abbrev.s, formattings & misspellings. I’m Temporary DutY stationed ex-CONUS, (Asian Theater), and to avoid breaking Regs I use a PDA to the Base network to VPN through my Family’s server back home. The PDA’s edit buffer is tiny, and I can only see 1 line at a time. No spell check, etc. Sorry it makes it diff. to read…

    blacknright, on November 26th, 2008 at 8:28 pm Said:
    Hello Mike,
    As I re-read one of your responses, I realized you probably meant bday and not pday


    May I address you as “Dena”?

    Sorry, my fault – I did a thoughtless thing. “PDay” is LDS Missionary-speak for PersonalDay, and they’re 1/wk. All non-Mission things are done that day: writing email & letters, laundry, physical conditioning, etc. His Birthday *is* in December, though, so I’ll pass it along, and thank you!

    Being raised in the Church, one tends to forget that most Converts haven’t been exposed to the lingo all their lives, and it was unforgivably rude of me to make assumptions. Again, I am sorry.

    I know that you are probably extremely busy, but I would like to keep up a correspondence with you. If you wouldn’t mind it, you can email me via the address I left for the comment.

    My son has a long list The Holy Ghost has prompted him to write, (since the Missionary email service is only for Church business & contact w/Parents), but I’ll ask him if I might forward some photos of his Mission, (I think you might enjoy them…), instead of asking him to write. I gather you live in/near Chicago. Any Consrvative and/or LDS there need as much Spiritual Support as they can get. Even more so now, what with the election of King Noah… ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving! My Family & I will remember you in our prayers.

    At one posting, (where our families couldn’t go, to help keep up morale, they had contract w/a famous cooking school & had them come in to teach,) I picked up the hobby of cooking. Want to trade recipies?

  12. Hey Mike,
    I actually live in Los Angeles, California. In fact, I was born in San Francisco, so your son is doing his mission in my birthplace. Yes, you can call me Dena. Thank you for clarifying the pday thing. I am the only member in my family and I have never been on a mission so I don’t know all the lingo. I fee lucky to know what MTC is. LOL. I will email you as I would like to keep in touch with you.

    And trading recipes sounds fun. My current repertoire of dishes I can make is rather small, so I don’t know how many recipes I can give to you but would love to try yours.

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