Victory-No Gay High School in Chicago


If you go to my page entitled, “Gay Agenda” you will see a story about a gay high school to be built in Chicago. Well it looks like plans to build it have been scrapped. According to the Chicago Sun Times the school has scrapped due to decisions over the school’s name and mission statement which seemed to be lacking any reference to the alphabet community.

“Some lead members of the design team had thought that the latest version of the proposal — which deleted all specific references to gay students from the mission statement and changed the school’s name — had been the best way to garner support for the new school, Chicago public school officials said. But on Tuesday, other members balked.” [Chicago Sun Times. “No Gay High School—At Least Not In ’09” Rosalind Rossi. November 19, 2008]

Though they are promising to have a “stronger version” of the school up for consideration in 2010, one can only hope that it will come to defeat like this one did. Despite the election of Obama and both houses under Democratic rule, liberalism is actually on its way out. If this last week has taught us anything it is that it is not the gays that need protection from bullying….it is us. The gay movement has long worn out its welcome and it won’t be long before it collapses from its own avarice and ambition.

As I commented on in my other article, this is not about serving the youth. It is about the adults and their warped need to experiment with these children’s lives. The Left wants us to believe it is about getting these kids through school and nothing more. That these children are dropping out in droves and not furthering their education afterwards. However, we know gays are tremendously successful later on and many of them have advanced degrees, so this is not a matter of people falling by the wayside and having large poverty statistics. I am not begrudging anyone, gay or straight, success in life. I am only saying there is no barrier that is preventing gays from obtaining an education like there was with Blacks previously. high_schools-grads

It is also ridiculous to base a high school on one’s feelings. If we are going to do that, maybe we should have a high school for cutters or those who are terribly conceited. I know it would’ve made my school experience easier if I didn’t have to deal with the smug, popular crowd. Or are we only basing it on sexual feelings, well what about all the fetishes out there-do they get a school too? School is a time to learn, not a time to engage in risky sexual behavior and nothing is more risky than homosexual behavior.

High school is not the time to form romantic entanglements whether you are gay or straight. High school is preparation for college, so you can get a good paying job so you can have a good life. In our church, dating is looked upon as a group activity. You go out with friends and you learn about the person in that setting first before you go solo. This is smart and definitely safer then allowing teenagers to chaperon themselves on solo dates. Just because adolescents are becoming adults doesn’t mean they are totally ready for all the adult consequences of dating and it is up to us to make sure they don’t have to face those challenges too soon.

As time goes people are starting see just how illegitimate the argument is that all feelings are equal, valid and worthy of exploration. It is time we stop sacrificing our precious youth to help emotionally stunted adults feel better about themselves. This is not about what two consenting adults want to do with each other but giving all our children the best education without segregating them, especially on something as fluid as sexuality. Chicago, you have done the right thing, now don’t blow it in 2010.


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