More Gay Bigotry Erupts


I am putting the gay community on warning, until the hatred stops against those of faith, I will be watching. I will be watching and writing. I will be making people aware of the Satanic forces that encompasses the gay movement and always has been part of its history. I will use my blog to make the world aware of the retaliation of the gay community in all its true ugliness. I will illuminate the atrocities of those who wish to squash the rights of others while elevating themselves to be above the law. Gay community you have met your match. Since you have declared war on the law-abiding, democratic, peaceful, God-loving citizens of this land you should know-I am watching you!

The gay community is truly narcissistic and lost within its own self importance. After Prop 8 passed and the trouble started, people would key in certain keywords and end up at my blog. Most of the time it was Black Prop 8 bigots or something similar. Today, this is what people were keying in:

modern mormon persecution

mormon persecution by gay

mormon “proposition 8”

lds persicution in california

mormon persecution after prop. 8 passed

mormon persecution in california

california mormons persecuted

As you can see it is no longer about us persecuting them but them persecuting us. They have lost their victim role in the public eye and now are being portrayed (and rightly so) as the victimizers. Though the mainstream press still hasn’t caught onto it yet as they consistently try to side the aggressors and not the ones being acted upon.

As demonstrated by a newscaster who was watching Phyllis Burgess a 69 year old woman and traditional marriage supporter and his colleague and fellow reporter being surrounded by a bunch of cowardly and hateful gay activists. Yet even though neither Phyllis nor the reporter were acting violently towards the gay activists, he had the audacity to say hate was coming from those on “both sides of the issue.” What a coward! They showed it on YouTube but I think it has since been shut down. Can’t be showing the liberal media for the liars they are! For the entire story check out Fox News at:,2933,450884,00.html. Phyllis will be pressing charges. They are also looking into charging the assailants with a hate crime statute-will miracles never cease.

The "tolerant" Left

The "tolerant" Left

If that weren’t enough another vicious attack took place on November 9th. It was posted on World News Daily website on November 11th. This is an excerpt from the article: Worshippers at a Bible-teaching church in Lansing , Mich. , were stunned Sunday when members of a pro-homosexual, pro-anarchy organization named Bash Back interrupted their service to fling propaganda and condoms around the sanctuary, drape a profane banner from the balcony and feature two lesbians making out at the pulpit.”

The article goes on to say: The fire alarm was pulled. Queers began making out in front of the pastor. And within a matter of minutes, everyone had evaded the guards and made their escapes.”The statement continued, “Let is be known: So long as bigots kill us in the streets, this pack of wolves will continue to BASH BACK!”

This is not people fighting for their “civil rights.” This is despicable. People like these like to use Dr. King as an example as fighting for what he believed in. There is a difference though, Dr. King never reacted violently. He was stabbed, his house firebombed, he was jailed, but not once did he ever react with such hatred and violence. What they demonstrated was a hatred of anything holy. These are followers of Lucifer, nothing more. The people who didn’t fight back showed remarkable restraint and wisdom. For they would have only used that to further insinuate that they were the victims. By not playing by their rules, the church retains its dignity and honor. Something these people know nothing about.

We need to stop walking on eggshells about homosexuality. It is a mental disorder of the highest magnitude. It can be treated and people can be healed from it but the ones in the grips of it are encompassed by an evil and dark spirit. Sympathy for those who are homosexual has been our downfall. We need to stop being sympathetic and start seeing it for the disease it is and start addressing it accordingly.  We may have sympathy for those with heart disease and breast cancer but we don’t tell them to embrace either of those things. We tell them to fight it and we will help them in that fight. That is love.  We should be ashamed of ourselves for not  calling evil -evil.  That we have all but abandoned our  afflicted brothers and sisters to  fight this spiritual battle alone.

Homosexuals are now showing us the true face of homosexuality. It is crass, corrupt, vile and without the least bit of respect for others.  Are we going to cower in the corner or are we going to fight back? Are we going to tell homosexuality it will not claim another of our children! Are we going to stand in defiance of it and not allow it to spread any further? Are we going to be warriors or wusses? It is not about hating the homosexual but about proclaiming the power of Christ and hating the perversion of true sexuality.  It is about trying to save some souls. But don’t take this compassion for your condition for weakness.  For when declaring God’s truth I am anything but weak.

Oh yes, gay community, I am watching. I will not let you Brown Shirt America like you did Germany.  You will not destroy this democracy that so many of our brothers and sisters have bled and died for. And if you want to leave the lifestyle I would gladly lend you a hand but I will not stand by and allow you to continue to hurt those who oppose your “lifestyle choice” on moral grounds. You have crossed the line and the battle now ensues, and if you want to know who wins-ask Satan, even he knows.


10 thoughts on “More Gay Bigotry Erupts

  1. Poor Mr. Hipps…. Haven’t you ever heard that it takes and Idiot to know an idiot. See I don’t understand why people don’t realize that they are only letting EVERYONE else know what kind of “TOOL”, they really are.

    But then again, if all you can do is come here and leave a comment like that, without giving a reason to your remark, than you are definitely one of those folks who doesn’t care about anything, except to be able to use your 1st Amendment, Free Speech rights.

    What is truly a shame is that too many people DON’T DESERVE THAT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

    God Bless,
    The Truth Tracker

  2. Thank you buddy! You know you rock JB! For those of you who don’t know The Truth Tracker is a good friend of mine. He is a smart, young conservative and is exactly the kind of person this country needs to help it become great again. I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for the Truth Tracker, please check out his blog, it is on my blogroll. But if you don’t want to do any scrolling it is:

  3. Yes, he’s an idiot…and sometimes you don’t need to add commentary to prove your point, but obviously you would like me to expand. Well, for one, there wasn’t any arrest made at Mt. Hope Church. Why? There wasn’t a crime committed. No violence, no damage. Unlike what has happened to thousands of GLBT community members over the decades. I’m curious, have you ever felt threatened for being who you are? Have you ever been verbally or physically attacked for how you look or who you love? Have you ever been fired from a job for who you love? Do you pay taxes? Do you deserve every right as an American? Who are you to decide for anyone else? Although I do not condone violence, and again, there was NO violence in the Bash Back event, I do feel these people have been pushed to the point of fighting fire with fire, much as Malcomb X. Now, I could guess you may say the “majority” of the country has spoken and doesn’t agree with gay marriage (in other words, equal rights for all citizens) but I counter you with this. At one time, a majority of the country believed in segregation…did that make it right? If you want to go back further in history, at one time, a majority of people believed the earth was flat…so was it flat? Now, I stand, the guy is an idiot, and if all you have is some 2nd grade response as “it takes an idiot to know one”, then your laughable.

  4. First of all, I am not a guy you moron! What because I am sitting here talking politics I have to be a man? What kind of sexist numbskull are you? I am a Black woman-duh hence the name Black and Right!

    So yes, I have been discriminated against for who I am. I have been called nigger by White folks and White girl by Blacks. And as a child I pounded the people who called me a nigger but I didn’t break into someone’s house and start beating them up! If no arrests were made it doesn’t mean a crime wasn’t committed! It could simply mean the people at the Mt. Hope Church didn’t want to press charges. The whole turn the other cheek thing! The Zodiac was never caught but according to you since there was no arrests, there were also no victims and no crime! Yeah but I am the idiot!

    Next gays are not an oppressed minority because there is no conclusive way to identify someone as gay. It is a self-identified characterization. How can you prove someone is or is not gay? You can’t! But you can prove someone is a female, you can prove someone is Black or Korean. You even have an easier time proving someone’s religion then you do someone’s sexual orientation. So don’t give me the whole woe is me, gays have it so hard! They do not! They are the most powerful political lobby in this country. They carry more clout than those of legitimate minority status! So go cry a river to someone else I am not buying it!

  5. Ahh…so, your true bitterness comes out. This whole thing is about you and race. It has nothing to do with gay or straight. Now, since you seem to know how great GLBT people have it in this world, and how much “clout” they carry, then why don’t you tell me why they don’t have equal rights? I’s sorry you’ve been called the “n” word, yet shocked you so easily throw it around. Well, I’ve been called the “f” word and unlike you, I’m not going to pass judgment on which is worse. And Mt. Hope church COULD NOT PRESS CHARGES. Furthermore, you name calling bitter person, the things that church says and does to GLBT persons are hate crimes. So, you go cry a river somewhere else, because unless you are gay, you are in no way at liberty to judge how difficult their, or anyone else’s life is, just as you ask not to be judged. As far as proving someone is gay or not…are you for real. That IS a very IGNORANT comment. Stop hating. Hate comes from fear, fear from the unknown. The unknown is ignorance and ignorance is bliss. Educate yourself, then talk!

  6. People like you slay me. You first comment is name calling and instigating a fight, which is all you really wanted. Then when you get what you want you call me hateful when it is actually you that is being hateful.

    As for proving someone is gay that is not an ignorant comment that is a fact! I could say I was gay, could you prove I wasn’t! NO! But I could definitely prove I am part White! You are discriminated against based on behavior. I am discriminated on nothing more than the color of my skin. That is a huge difference. You are discriminated against because people believe homosexuality is a sin. Nowhere in the Bible does it say, being anything but White is a sin. Therefore it is not even close to being the same thing!

    Next I could care less if people like me or not. I was not put on this Earth to win a popularity contest! And as far as bigots like you go, you are immaterial. I only think about people like you to push me forward, to get my energy up so I can continue to prove you wrong.

    And as far as the “N” word goes I used the actual word because that is what I was called the person didn’t go “Hey N word! They called me nigger so I used the word. Not because I like it because it is the truth. Something you should try and learn about! And you do have equal rights. I don’t know where you people get the insane idea that you don’t. You can visit anyone in the hospital you want. You can put that person in your will. You have all the rights everyone else has. You don’t want equal rights. You want special rights. You want to redefine marriage to meet your own terms and not what marriage really is. When Blacks were fighting to marry anyone they wanted of any color, they weren’t trying to redefine marriage. We wanted one man of any color to marry one woman of any color in hopes of having children and starting a family. The purpose of marriage was not being changed by a Black woman marrying a White man or vice versa. Because color doesn’t impact marriage, gender does. And marriage is already equal. It does not need to be made equal. Marriage says, one man must marry one woman. Both hold equal status in the eyes of the law. Your way says one sex is immaterial and insignificant to the institution of marriage. How is that equal? If you were truly concerned about equal rights you would leave marriage alone and stop being selfish and thinking only of your own wanton desires instead of what is best for everyone!

  7. “black and Right”…

    Its no surprise that anyone who would choose such a title would write as you do. -‘It takes an idiot to know an idiot’ apparently… It seems clear to me that it takes a bigot to know a bigot.

    Of course you defend against that slur – bigots always do – then they seek dogmatic justification for their hatred – be it in “religion” or “tradition”. Hate is hate sister it breeds nothing more than itself. If we (yes I’m black) can’t understand that human rights are the only right and that if we don’t fight for them for all we achieve nothing, then we’ll be doomed to an eternity of encountering negative self-serving solipsism like yours.

  8. You say it takes a bigot to know a bigot then proceed to call me one so by your own definition you are a bigot-why then would I listen to anything a bigot has to say?

    Lastly, sodomy is a not human right. I don’t know what freaky definition of human rights you have but I don’t include any kind of rape in mine and just because two guys want to consent to a violent act doesn’t mean I have to endorse it.

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