Woo hoo! We’re the Oppressors!


*snickering*-The Oppressed.

Since Obama has been elected president I have been desperately trying to figure out what if anything can be good about this. And I have come to this conclusion-Blacks are now “The Man!” That means I don’t have to hear Black men drone on forever about how the White man is holding them down! That is one thing to be happy about.

Not only that we finally get a chance to do some oppressing of our own! Since Prop 8 passed and since Blacks and Mormons were so influential in getting it passed, the gay community has shown its true colors to Black folks. Though gays, as a community, are pretty racist anyway! So that is not a surprise. Before they just hated us, now it is about us “oppressing” their right to marry. Woo hoo! I am oppressing someone who is making on an average 10K more per year than me! How amazing is that? And let’s face most gay men in this country are White, so I am oppressing rich, White men! Who would’ve thought I would’ve ever seen a day like this? So is this what it is like to be White?

Hmmmm then why am I not enjoying it? Well it is not all that much fun getting blamed for every little problem some so called minority has. It is not fun having epithets thrown your way (but then I am used to that.) It is not fun to have all these insane people target you for intimidation because they are not mature enough to handle disappointment. Yeah, being the man is not all it is cracked up to be.

Of course, part of the being the man means hijacking the wealth of others, but that is what we have Obama for. In the meantime, I get to throw around my weight (and considering I am not exactly skin and bones, that is a lot of weight!) and say things like, “Hey gay people, don’t make me build some boats and send the lot of you to the Netherlands!” After all, I can officially be a bigot now! And that is what bigots/oppressors do, they round up people and take them to other continents. Every Black person should be receiving their Oppression 101 manual in the mail January 21, 2009. Just think for years being a bigot was an impossibility, even if I demonstrated hatred for every other ethnicity but my own, because I was Black and Blacks could only be victims not victimizers. At least in terms of racial hatred. We have truly achieved racial equality because now I can be labeled a racist!

Ah yes, it is a whole brave new world out there now. One where Blacks can be hated for the power they wield instead of the color of their skin. One where White men who make more money than God, have more letters behind their names then the alphabet but who likes to engage in sodomy every once in a while can be considered a “minority.” And if nothing else, we can least tell little Black boys and girls that one day they too can be President. They just have to be an anti-American socialist who loves terrorists but they can do it!

However, all this makes me wonder, will there be such a thing as “Black privilege” now or will cops stop White people for Driving While White? Nah, probably not they have too much to worry about, like pro-lifers doing sidewalk counseling or pastors speaking against homosexuality. You know those real hardened criminals.

What a menace to society.....NOT!

What a menace to society.....NOT!

Well now that we have a “Black” president will Blacks use this opportunity to at least try to better their lives or will they waste it? We just have to wait and see.


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