Fairness Indoctrination….Oops Doctrine

publicairwaves-big1So once again the Left are trying to silence conservative talk! They want to resurrect theFairness Doctrine which says both sides must be presented in the media. However this does not apply to mainstream media which is overrun by liberals, only to talk radio which conservatives rule. To tell the truth, I don’t even listen to talk radio. I get all my conservative news from FRC, AFA, Life Site News and Life News via email. However, just because I don’t listen to it doesn’t mean I want big government to step in and try to censor what is aired.

To the left, to the left!

To the left, to the left!

But as long as the liberals want to play this game, I say let’s play! If we are going to do the Fairness Doctrine that means I get a half hour of Oprah’s show! That’s right baby, since she clearly is liberal and I am clearly not and we need to present both sides of the issues to the public, I should have a half hour of her show where I can reach out to conservative audiences!

Always Right

Always Right

I also get to hijack Ellen’s show as well. Isn’t this fun? And anytime she brings up some lesbian issue, I get to jump in and give the conservative straight woman side as well. Or maybe to be more fair we could Larry Elder on there, so he can give the Black conservative male side. That would be balanced right? After all, he is the polar opposite of Ellen right?

I mean just think of all the mainstream media we can force to give us time due to the Fairness Doctrine. The newspapers, the magazines, the television shows, the total control of all the media outlets-they want to give all that up because us conservatives get together and talk on the radio or send email on the internet. Ooh the big, bad conservatives are getting ratings on the radio! It is like being angry over your friends Atari System when you have PSP! Of course, what they see happening is that people are getting their news from alternative sources. They are not reading the New York Times or listening to the biased evening news. They are online, they are blogging, they are going to YouTube. This upsets the liberal media because they can no longer control the flow of information. Before they were able to hide, cover up and straight out lie to the American people about what was going on, especially with their beloved liberal leaders, (*coughs* Obama!) but no more.

Remember these are the same people whose newest President called the Constitution “a flawed document.” These are the same people whose newest President thinks people in Pennsylvania cling to religion and guns because they are so bitter. These are the same people who created Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae housing nightmare and then blamed it on the Republicans! These are not fair minded people. These people are not caring about liberties or freedom of the press (unless it is their press and they can bash Bush! What are they going to write about when he leaves in January I wonder.) they care only about controlling the lives and thoughts of everyone.

The Fairness Doctrine is just one more step in this total annihilation of American democracy. It is about the complete elimination of civil liberties and the freedom to express ideas without the consent of the government. However, if they want to do this then I say we get every conservative lawyer we can to sue the pants off every station that does not adhere to it. We sue every radio station, every magazine, every newspaper and say they are not adhering to the Fairness Doctrine. After all that they would realize it is not worth it and leave us alone!

Ah the Left-do they never tire of being wrong? I guess not.


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