Render unto Barack what is Barack’s

As if the world hasn’t gone insane enough, we now get to look forward to having Barack Obama on our money! According to one website: header1

“President Barack Obama is being honored on this brilliant, uncirculated U.S. Mint Presidential Dollar by The New England Mint.

These limited edition coins are now available to the American public for the first time ever through this special offer. President Barack Obama is depicted in glorious full color on a genuine United States Inaugural Presidential Dollar and layered in genuine 24 karat gold.

During this introductory release, you can get the President Barack Obama Inaugural Dollar layered in genuine 24 karat gold for only $9.95 and just $4.95 shipping and handling.

The thought of having this man on our money sickens me. Hey, while we are putting foes of America on money, maybe we can put Stalin on a coin as well. I wonder if they will be giving away a free packet of Kool-Aid with every purchase!


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