Is the GOP dead?

Ah! What Dems do best!

Ah! What Dems do best!

Democrats have been gloating in their blogs, political cartoons and wherever else jackals meet that the GOP for all effective purposes is dead. While it is true we suffered tremendous losses and have sustained a pretty severe beating, does that mean that we have gone the way of the Whigs and Federalists before us? I think not. The truth is, this is the time when we shine the most. Adversity helps to bring out the best in us, not the worse like with liberals.


So here are some things to help remind Republicans of the stock of which we are made.

1) Lincoln was the first Republican. Everyone said he didn’t stand a chance at getting elected. He proved them wrong. Republicans went from a lowly third party in this country to being one of the major parties.

2) In the past century there have been 11 Republican presidents and only 7 Democratic ones (Obama will make eight) In fact, during the course of American history there have been more Republican presidents than any other party. Barack will be the 15th Democratic President, the Republicans have 18.

3) Republicans have always stood for human rights. From denouncing slavery in the time of Lincoln to modern day slavery of Dafur. It was the Republicans who illuminated both situations and said a change was necessary. It wasn’t until more people started talking about the genocide in Dafur that the liberals and Democrats decided it would be a good thing to jump on board with.

4) Lastly remember they may be in control right now but the Democrats numbers are decreasing. A large part is due to abortion. Democrats are more likely to kill their future voters than Republicans are. This is not conjecture but fact. A study has actually proven this to be the point.

So while it is easy to be discouraged and want to throw in the towel, we must remember that Democrats are all about short-term, instantaneous solutions. None of which will ever pan out in the long run. So it is up to us conservatives, whether we be Republican, Constitution or some other party to stay the course. Which, in part, has been the Republicans biggest problem to date-staying the course. They want to side with the weak-kneed moderates who never met an issue they couldn’t flip flop on. Siding with moderates on anything is like siding with a coward in the heat of battle. The moderates will never have your back, it is the “extremists” you want backing you up. Give me a left-wing extremist than a right wing moderate any day of the week. At least with the leftist wingnut I know where that person stands and can devise my offense accordingly.

And while the GOP may not be dead, it is definitely lost. And until they get back to basics people like my friend, Jared (who makes my little Republican heart go pitter patter. LOL) who while born and raised in Canada is now an American citizen and who is a true patriot at heart are growing increasingly disillusioned with the Republicans abandonment of their base constituency and will seek to put their allegiance elsewhere. Say what you want about the Democrats they stood for killing babies and gay sex for all this last election….and won! Because psychopathic baby killers and men who love sodomy are their base constituents! It is time the conservative reclaim the Republican party and kick the whiny moderates to the curb! It is time we let the Democrats know we are not going anywhere.

We’re Republicans, so let’s start acting like it. Let’s start a stampede and stomp out the liberalism that infects this country. Let’s re-ignite the fire that people like Sarah Palin have currently brought to the Republican party and show those ignorant McCain aides that their betrayal of Sarah and the rest of our party will not be tolerated. We can revitalize the core conservatives of the Republican party. With Obama in office, we have to. We have too much to lose!


2 thoughts on “Is the GOP dead?

  1. You Republicans make me laugh. It’s almost worth giving up my freedoms just to watch far-right crazies like yourself twist in the wind. Unfortunately it’s just a matter of time before the gop is sitting smug in the white house but I can’t believe how satisfying it is to watch you and Rush try to throw your remaining weight around. I’ll be the first one to say that less government is better, but who cares if gays get married? Or abortion is legal? Obviously partial-birth abortion should be illegal, but if the amoeba isn’t even conscious than what is the problem? Why do you care if two dudes get married? If it’s sinful than let God burn them in hell in the next life, let them float around for now. Moderation isn’t necessarily a weakness, if someone is an alcoholic you don’t tell them to drink more. But until “extremists” as you put it, wrap their heads around that concept the gop is going to remain at the bottom of the urinal.

  2. You are the laughable one. What “weight” do I have to throw around, I got one little lowly blog in a blogosphere of billions but you make it sound like me and Rush are just running the Republican Party. I mean I don’t know how many times I get calls from Michael Steele, just begging me to tell him what to do as the RNC Chairman. Me and Sarah Palin, well we are forever exchanging recipes and talking about our kids. Oh yeah I just got it like that. I am one voter nothing more and nothing less.

    Next do you know what an amoeba is? Sounds like you don’t. We don’t have amoebas. Amoebas are complete lifeforms unto themselves. And if unborn children are amoebas then so are you because you cannot change your species! An amoeba is an tiny, one celled protozoa. Considering we are only one cell for a nano second of time in our development, it is completely impossible for any of us to be amoebas! And why do I care if they get killed? Because it is Black babies that are being slaughtered left and right. It is Black babies that have the highest abortion rate. Out of the near fifty million babies killed, Black babies make up 17 million of those. Why do I care? Because I was once a Black baby. Because I was the “hard case” that according to people like you should’ve been slaughtered. Because my son is not worthy of life according to people like you. That is why I care about abortion. Because had the Left had their way, they would’ve killed my son and killed me in the process. Since Black women have a 70 percent higher death rate from abortion! It is just a twofer as far as they are concerned.

    Next, if you are an alcoholic, you don’t drink at all. There is no “moderation” for the alcoholic. So your little analogy there doesn’t work. And not drinking at all is an “extreme” view. You don’t tell them to drink only one six pack a day instead of three. You tell them, you need to quit drinking altogether or you will die! Because that is the truth of it. Next if the middle of the road is so great. Why don’t you go out and stand in the middle of the street sometime, see how safe you are! You will get mowed down if you stand in the middle of the road. However, if you are all the way to the left or all the way to the right, you can jump up on a curb and be safe. Moderation maybe fine for eating chocolate but in politics it just means you are weak coward without any real convictions.

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