Sarah Palin and the Conservative Women’s Movement


Sarah Palin did more than just revitalize the conservative base of the Republican party who after years of dealing with RINOs had someone just like them running for the second highest post in the nation. Sarah Palin gave women like me a voice and a role model to emulate. Someone who had the same concerns, desires and goals for not only America but for family as we did. Someone who didn’t act like they swallowed a Roget’s Thesaurus and put on airs of superiority.


The feminists hated Palin because she was everything they were not. Married, happy and the governor of the largest state in the Union! She stepped on their toes, because she considered herself a hockey Mom before anything else. It was her children that meant the most to her, not her governorship, though she did take that office very seriously. She believes in God and through her political office she often would often speak at Christian events. [But if Obama wanted to speak at Satanists for Choice that wouldn’t be a problem.] So because she used her position to glorify Jesus Christ she is a menace that needs to be dealt with. Her greatest sin however is she didn’t abort her child Trig because of his Down’s Syndrome. Instead she and Todd had him and love him. How dare she! She had no right to bring a child like Trig in this world, she should’ve done the right thing-at least in their eyes-and aborted him.

sarah-palins-family2Conservative women like me learned long ago that feminist women are worse than the misogynistic men they claim to fight. For they seek to control every aspect of their adherent’s life. So the true independent thinkers are not feminist women who all regurgitate the same party line but the conservative women. She will not be told what to do, especially by a bunch of unhappy, bitter women who despise their innate femininity. Conservative women do not need to behave like tramps in order to secure a man. They do not need to flaunt their body to create an aura of mystique. They do not need to undervalue children to value their career. Even if that “career” is a stay at home mother. Conservative women give more to help the underprivileged then liberal women will ever give. It is her connection to God, family and country that make the conservative woman a leader in her community.

Sarah is proof of this. With Sarah, we found someone who speaks our language. Someone who shares our ideals. Someone who has tremendous success without having to sacrifice those things most important to her. Sarah has become our champion for all those who are proud to be Moms. Sarah has ignited a fire not only in the conservative women, but the conservative man as well. I have a male friend who is simply crazy about her and attributes the rekindling of his passion for politics to her. This is the magic of Sarah, she reaches out to everyone. Young, old, rich, poor, men, women, Black and White. In a recent poll, sixty percent of Republicans, you know those who actually vote and not the sorry political pundits, say Sarah Palin actually HELPED John McCain, not hurt him.

Feminist women are trying to say Sarah doesn’t speak for women. Well sorry to burst your bubble, sister but neither do you! Women can speak for themselves they don’t need the likes of you trying to brainwash them. Sarah spoke for herself and as such she ended up speaking for millions of women like me. Not all women, but a whole lot more than who the feminists supposedly speak for. There is one good thing about Obama and his impending presidency, he has awakened the conservative movement. We were all too complacent beforehand. Now we have focus, we have a mission-he has given us back the will to fight the liberal establishment. And the people at the forefront of this new conservative movement will be women. As he seeks to protect abortionists and bloody our wombs, we will be there. As he seeks to take away school choice for parents, we will be there. As he seeks to open the borders and let illegals slay us, we will be there. As he seeks to sit down with terrorists and create more 9/11s, we will be there. We are not backing down. We are not quitting. We will reign victorious because we have a righteous army of women standing up to evil! We are the new conservative movement and we are a force to be reckoned with!


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