Religious Liberty Revisited


I was raised in the microwave generation. Everything was given to us without much work or preparation. Our rights had been secured by previous generations and we never had to fight for anything. My mother’s generation, had the civil rights movement. The Blacks of her generation fought for their right to vote and to be educated along side White children. Back then there was no “separation of church and state” and the church was the catalyst for the civil rights platform. Churches on both side of the issue spoke freely about the political climate at the time, even endorsing candidates to those in their congregation. The current IRS legislation authored by then President Lyndon B. Johnson that would prevent churches from engaging in politics or risk losing their tax exempt license was enacted because of King’s growing influence. It was a way to muzzle him.dr-king-praying1

Just like John F. Kennedy before him, Lyndon considered Dr. King a threat. JFK had J. Edgar Hoover investigate King, which Hoover was all too happy to comply with. Both men considered him a troublemaker and so it has been with the religious people throughout the course of human history. The religious people have always been the trouble maker, the rebels, the peculiar. We have always been fought against and tried to have our rights stripped from us. So it now happening again.

Once again freedom of religion is being attacked. And people of my generation who never had to sacrifice for anything are being called to defend our liberties. Will be up to the task? Let’s hope so because losing our religious liberties will severely and adversely impact our culture and society. Since religious morality is the bedrock of our laws via the Constitution and since such laws cannot survive in a relativistic society that means we would be plunged in a global anarchy the size of which the world has never seen before. It is for this reason that we need to defend freedom of religion. History has consistently shown when the right to worship God as we see fit goes, so does all other human rights. The right to freely express our religious views is not just another right, it is the one right where all other rights derive their purpose and power.


Even those who profess no particular religious creed need to staunchly defend the freedom of religion more so than those who do. For it is the atheist who loses the most in this battle. For when the right to believe is stripped away so is the right not to believe and they will be given a choice. Believe what the state tells you to or die. People mock and say that will never happen in America. But as this past weekend has proved it is already happening. We have angry mobs trying to get into Mormon temples. We got people calling for our deaths. We got people trying to say we as Mormon citizens have no right to participate in free elections. We got people sending hate mail to our (Mormon ) Prophet. If it is happening to us, it won’t be long until they come after every other Christian denomination as well.

This is a genuine threat and we must not sit idly by while our enemies wage war on our inalienable rights as guaranteed by the U.S Constitution and Elohim, himself. All of God’s children must stand united against the spawn of Satan and continue to glorify His name as we are being persecuted. For we know we will be blessed with eternal life for clinging to the Lord. We are stronger than our enemies for we have Christ on our side. Satan even bows down to Christ, therefore Satan’s followers can never win.

Our forefathers fought a bloody battle in order to ensure all men could live in liberty without having to deny their God. People like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and most of the signers of our Constitution had an abiding faith in God and saw him as the Deliverer from their bondage to King George III. Our forefathers are calling on us to stand steadfast in our principles and to rise up against the radical Leftist regime which seeks to oppress people of faith in this country. With the most zealous liberal leader we have ever had, it won’t be long until their goals and objectives are fully realized. When that happens-watch out!

In the meantime, we must gird up our loins and put on the armor of the Lord and be ready to battle the enemies of God, family and truth.  It is no longer about tolerance, diversity or acceptance. It is simply about good vs. evil.  After all the blood, sweat and tears that were shed creating this wondrous land, we owe our forefathers a tremendous debt.  We cannot let them down. We must not let what they sacrificed for us be in vain.  We have too much to lose.


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