Why Marriage Won!

Taken from Wikipedia-wedding vows

Taken from Wikipedia-wedding vows

John Cloud of TIME wrote an article called, “Why Gay Marriage Was Defeated.” He like any good liberal he espouses a lot of nonsense about how we all hate gay people and think they don’t deserve equality, blah, blah, blah! He writes:

“And then there was California. Gay strategists working for marriage equality in this election cycle had focused most of their attention on that state. Losing there dims hopes that shimmered brightly just a few weeks ago – hopes that in an Obama America, straight people would be willing to let gay people have the basic right to equality in their personal relationships. It appears not.”

This is the same tired, old line that the Gay Elite has been trying to feed America during this whole election cycle. It is about their “personal relationships.” Marriage is not about someone’s personal relationship! It is about vowing to take on the responsibilities of having a family. In fact, creating a family used to be part of the standard vows: “When it is God’s will for the procreation of children and their nurture in their knowledge and love of the Lord. Therefore, marriage is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but reverently, deliberately and in accordance for the purposes of which it was instituted by God. ” As you can see until recent history it has always been the purpose of marriage to have children.

An American babe

An American babe

John Cloud’s so called assessment is no more than slanderous propaganda and a slap in the face to all the good, moral, God-fearing men and women of California. You don’t change institutions on a whim. You don’t change the structure of society to appease a small militant faction of society unhappy that the natural consequences of their decision to love those of the same sex prevents them from enjoying the full fruits of marriage. Marriage doesn’t need to be made equal-it already is! Marriage as understood right now says one person from each sex is a requisite for marriage. There is nothing more equal than saying a woman is of equal importance in a marriage and must be given equal status in the eyes of the law as a wife that a man receives as a husband. Since both sexes are equally represented in traditional marriage, it is gay marriage that is discriminatory. It is gay marriage that seeks to eliminate one of the sexes from the institution of marriage. It is gay marriage that says children do not have a right to have a mother (gay marriage) or a father (lesbian marriage) represented in their household. It is gay marriage that seeks to separate children from one of their biological parents and prevent natural bonding from that parent. It is gay marriage that treats children like an accessory to be bought in a laboratory, instead of an expression of love conceived within a holy and sacred union.

Gay marriage was defeated because people realized that changing marriage for such a statistically small group of people didn’t make sense when the vast majority of people do not receive any benefit from their union. Marriage has a taming effect on men because of the women’s influence in the marriage. Two men marrying will not have that same domestic, taming influence. Marriage is about creating an environment where, men, women and children are equally represented, equally cared for and equally loved. Only in a heterosexual marriage is each segment of society sufficiently represented, man, woman and child. Marriage is where adults learn to co-exist with someone completely different from you, biologically, mentally and emotionally. Marriage is where children learn to relate to their own gender and that of the opposite sex without outside help. Case in point,  I will be looking into the Big Brothers organization so my son can have a male role model which he can spend time with and bond with since he doesn’t have it in his household. Such organizations are indeed a blessing but in reality it is a father that he needs. And as wonderful as I am sure his big brother will be, he can never fill the space that can only be occupied by “Dad.”

So while the opponents can only cry “Homophobe!” when defeated. We know why gay marriage can’t be. It is because life doesn’t revolve around one’s sexual desires. It revolves around family. It revolves around children. It revolves around God. It revolves around society and the enrichment and betterment of its citizens. Gay marriage takes away from all those goals and cannot be sanctified. All feelings are not legitimate and all feelings cannot be codified into law. When we start basing morality on feelings, instead of reason and morality we become a land of chaos. And I love this country and her people too much to sit by and let that happen.


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  2. Hey there. This is entirely unrelated to your post. I have no comment or opinions in any way regarding what you post on your blog here. The reason I am commenting, is I firstly cannot find a private email to send this to, so I apologise for posting it here. But I just wanted to make you aware, that you have used my “wedding ring heart shadow” image and I’m not sure if you’re aware that it is a copyright image. I would have had no problem with you using this image, had you asked for permission first. I would appreciate if you could remove this image from your site immediately and if you still would like to use it, email us a written request to do so. Don’t mean to be a killjoy, but that’s the way it is. The image can be found here if you need clarification http://www.flickr.com/photos/smakphotography/2559721691/

    Thank you kindly.

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