Propositioning California


Proposition 8 wins!

Along with the Presidential race there were a lot of important propositions on the ballot. Two dealt with the parents right to know! What is baffling is one passed and the other failed. While one dealt with what kids would be taught in school, the other dealt with their very lives and the one that would put their lives in most jeopardy-FAILED!!!!

Proposition 8-*WINNER

Proposition 8 simply stated: Only a marriage between a man and a woman will be recognized and valid in California. This is an amendment to our Constitution. It passed 52 to 48 percent. That is down nine points from last time. While I am happy it passed, I am saddened to see that the homosexual lobby is gaining ground. I also don’t understand why these people who voted to uphold traditional marriage would then turn around and vote for Obama! In all fairness, part of the responsibility for that lies at Prop 8’s door. They actually sent out a flier saying Obama was for traditional marriage. When in fact, he is not. He voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment. If you go under videos on this blog site, you will hear Michelle Obama addressing a GLBT crowd saying that protecting marriage at the federal level is “a stain on the Constitution.” So while the proposition has passed, the challenges it faces is not over yet. We must remain vigilant.

Proposition 4-*Defeated

Children lose on Prop 4

Children lose on Prop 4

Proposition 4 was the parental consent law for an abortion for a minor girl. I don’t understand how this same voting public who was so outraged about children learning about gay marriage in school thought it was okay for a girl to get an abortion without parental consent! Learning about gay marriage is not going to kill a child-an abortion just might! The anti-Prop 4 commercials kept saying what about those girls who come from abusive households, they will have their lives put in danger if they tell their parents! They already have their lives in danger, ;people! But instead of helping her, instead of getting her in front of a judge who can help her-they want her to continue to get beat and have the added trauma of having an abortion. The young woman is probably already screwed up as it is and instead of trying to help her get out of her situation, they leave her to endure more abuse! Because they are too lazy to do any real work to help her! Our daughters deserve better! But once again we only pay lip service to caring about women and children!

Proposition 5,6 and 9-*Mixed bag

Cops Lose!

Cops Lose!

Proposition 5 was defeated, that is good news. Basically, it was liberal love letter to criminals. They wanted to give “non-violent” offenders a free pass, letting them back out on the street. MADD was against the initiative, along with law enforcement, even Dianne Feinstein (who was NO on Prop 8) wanted Proposition 5 defeated. The tried to reach the fiscal conservative by saying it would save 2.5 billion dollars and stop overcrowding jails. But there is a reason these people are in jail and it is not because they were loitering! What Prop 5 forgot is people value their lives more than money! Prop 6 was about funding the police-that went down. You must understand the people in my neck of the woods-they hate cops. So if given an opportunity to support cops they go out of their way to defeat them. Never mind they put my life in jeopardy, they just don’t want their little boy, June Bug to go to jail for raping and murdering someone like me-you know an innocent victim. They would rather shout about racism in the LAPD then to admit their kid is a psychopath! Prop 9 gave victims more rights especially in how parole is handled. That passed. I was surprised, after all most of these urban, grassroots, socialist organizations are not too keen on victims. They see the criminals as the victims not the true people who have actually been harmed. It is disgusting and vile. So to have a proposition like that pass means there are still people who don’t coddle and glorify criminals, thank God.

Lastly Proposition K lost! It would’ve made it illegal for police to arrest prostitutes in San Francisco. I am glad to see San Francisco still has some moral decency within its borders. Maybe there is hope for California after all. But I am not holding my breath.


2 thoughts on “Propositioning California

  1. I agree with you on the Prop 4 one. It’s very saddening. Consider this: a minor has to have her parents’ permission to get her ears pierced, but not to get an abortion. Wow.

  2. Thank you Jesse for commenting on my article. It is quite disturbing how parents’ authority is being usurped by perfect strangers. A girl in that condition needs the support of her parents, not Planned Parenthood. For those girls who are in abusive households they are more likely to find themselves forced to have an abortion by her parents then carrying it to term. In fact, 64% of women are coerced or forced into abortion. Abortion is not the women’s choice….usually it is someone else’s.

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