America Loses, Obama Wins


Obama maybe smiling but as I am writing this I am broken hearted. Barack Obama has been elected president with so far 338 electoral votes. The winds were howling with a ferociousness. As if God himself was making his disappointment known. So what do we have to look forward with Obama in office?

1) More girls being victimized by abortion. Obama plans to overturn every pro-life law on the books today, despite the growing evidence that abortion actually calls considerable physical, mental and emotional harm to women. He cares more about Planned Parenthood and not about the devastation that abortion does to women. He will turn over parental consent laws, so girls will have no protection and anyone can force them to go to an abortion clinic against their will even in another state. Obama has promised to enact the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) which will undo all the hard work pro-lifers have done over the last 35 years. Partial birth abortion ban which was passed by Bush but has ended up stalled in the courts and effectively nullified will be repealed under Obama’s administration. Planned Parenthood will get more taxpayer money than it has ever received before under Obama’s stead. Even though Planned Parenthood has received plenty of national attention as of late for their practices, even accepting money to kill Black children-none of that will be of concern to Obama and any federal investigations will be halted.

2) Joe Biden has already warned us within six months there is going to be a major crisis of global proportions. Obama will be inept and won’t know how to deal with it. National security will be at significant risk. Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq will cost us plenty American lives as he leaves this volatile and unstable region to its own accord. Obama who has never served a day in the military will inevitably cause another 9/11. Al Qaeda and other terrorist cells will be able to infiltrate our shores with much more ease because Obama doesn’t see border control as vitally important to our security. Illegal immigration and national security are inherently linked to one another but since liberals rely heavily on illegal labor within their homes and businesses they are not going to do anything to stop it.

3) The economy is going to really tank as Obama institutes his massive spending and tax plan. What is termed to be wealthy will suddenly shrink, for instance, he stated that he would only go after those making $250,000, then he said $150,000, how long before it is $50,000 or the real middle class who he deems too rich?  So instead of  the middle class getting tax relief they will be hit with a larger tax debt. Remember it is the middle class that is the backbone of this country. The poor receive the largest portion of taxes and the rich know how to legally evade taxes and will continue to do so under Obama, so it is the middle class who do the tax-paying in this country and with his “redistribution of wealth” (coughs* Communism) fiasco waiting in the wings, it will be the middle class that is hit the hardest.  The people who voted for him are going to be sorely disappointed when he goes after their wallets!

4) Despite Obama’s so called “Christian” faith (the man called himself Muslim on tv and then said Christian when the reporter corrected him.)  churches will feel the heat under Obama’s term.  With this backing of the homosexual agenda, he will enact stricter hate crime laws for those “espousing hate” towards homosexuals.  He has tried to play both sides of the fence and so far the American public has been gullible and bought it.  Though Christians outnumber homosexuals in number, we are not as well-organized as the homosexual lobby.  The gays can’t stand lesbians, both groups don’t like bisexuals and transgender people are a joke, but when it comes to politics the feign enough allegiance for each other to get the job done.  As such they have clout that far exceeds their numbers.  If Christians would stop fighting over denominational differences, stick together, work together the homosexual movement would be crushed in no time flat! In the meantime, Obama has chosen to follow mammon over God  and his Christian “faith” so homosexuality will be taught in public schools nationwide.  Gay marriage will come to America despite traditional marriage winning all three amendments!  Homosexuality will be more open and more perverse under Obama.

All in all, America is going to be a whole lot more worse off then we are now. More of our rights will be stripped away.  More of Americans’ money will be stripped away.  More of our faith will be stripped away unless we do something now.  It is time to stand up to this infidel of American democracy and let him know the true patriots will be watching him like a hawk and we will not let him destroy this country! For unlike Michelle Obama,  I am proud to be an American and I will stand by her-will you?


3 thoughts on “America Loses, Obama Wins

  1. Hear hear. Nice to hear someone tell it like it is without fear of being called a racist. At best Obama being elected is a wonderful symbol of how much the country has embraced racial equality, but his policies and positions will destroy America if he does some of the extreme-leftist things he promised to do.

  2. Thank you Davers. I seem to have quite a fan in you as you have posted other touching comments on the blog as well. It is nice to hear from another member of the church. In any case, I am not going to change my beliefs or back down because of name calling. You just have to learn to laugh at stuff like that. I used to write for a site called During my tenure as a writer there I got called so many names, the funniest being a “Black fascist b***h!” I still get tinkled pink over that one. And whenever I need a good laugh, I recall that and laugh all over again. That is how you have to deal with people like that. You can’t let them get to your heart.

    As far as Obama goes, you are right, his policies will destroy America. He will bring about a communist regime which will take generations to recover from. And that is only if we quickly reclaim the country after his presidency. If we don’t we are in serious trouble. That is why it is so important for people like you and I to stand for the Truth and not just “truth”. [Explanation: Truth (with a big ‘t’) is eternal, given to us by God, unchanging and is not affected by public opinion or social mores. However, truth (with a small ‘t’) is circumstantial, based on best evidence, is likely to change and can only be based on one’s perceptions.] There is a resurgence in the conservative movement, we are more motivated than ever, it is too bad it took the near destruction of our country to do so.

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