Election Day Warning


However you look at it this Election Day is going to be one for the history books. We are either going to elect the first female Vice President in Sarah Palin-God willing. Or we are going to elect the first Black president-God help us if we do. Either way history is made. There is much riding on this election. God-ordained marriage is on the chopping block to be replaced with genderless, numberless marriage. People talk about Mormons and polygamy but if it comes back it won’t be because of the Mormon Church who has put every cent behind Proposition 8 and standing for one man, one woman marriage-it will be because gay marriage ripped the institution to shreds and allowed bigamy, polygamy, polyandry and all other forms of counterfeit marriage to take hold. All those who voted no on Prop. 8 will only have themselves to blame.obama-flip-flopping-sb0625d1

The scariest part of this election is Obama himself. He has refused to release his birth certificate to verify that he is indeed a natural born citizen. He has hidden his aunt who is in this country illegally and gets welfare benefits. She has a millionnaire nephew and instead of taking care of his aunt she is on welfare-how sweet of him! She has even used her benefits to give money to his campaign. How sleazy is that? He talks about spreading the wealth-hey Obama, how about spreading your own wealth to your half brother in Africa and your welfare aunt here! Not since Kennedy has there been such a massive cover-up of a presidential hopeful. Kennedy was so beloved that any negative portrayal of him was always buried by the media. Much like Obama today. Whether it was Kennedy’s ill health (he had back trouble) or his ties to the mob, Kennedy always came out smelling like a flower. Kennedy used the power of the presidency to spy on Dr. King-a private citizen. Not much different than digging into the background of “Joe the Plumber” for having the audacity to question Obama. The two candidates are eerily similar. The difference is should a modern version of the Cuban Missile Crisis land at Obama’s feet, we are all dead. Joe Biden has already warned us about that.

Should Obama win, should marriage lose in all 3 states [California, Florida and Arizona], should parents lose the right to be notified of their daughter’s abortion, should the Personhood Amendment fail in Colorado, we will be propelled into a socialist society. Obama has called the Constitution of our United States-“a flawed document.” To me that is the rhetoric of a man looking to overthrow the present government and replace it with a dictatorship. Maya Angelou once said, “When someone shows you who they are-believe them.” We are not believing Obama. He has shown us his true colors but being the master orator he has been able to talk his way out of every perilous situation he has found himself in. It is time we stop and ponder-who this man is, where he came, what his record reflects and stop looking at his skin color as some kind of “free pass” from scrutiny. We are electing a President not the next American Idol. This is not about popularity, but truly life and death. A ballot for Obama is a vote for the Culture of Death and for a man who sees his own grandchild as “punishment,” has voted in favor of infanticide four times, turned his back on his own family, well such a man is capable of anything. Do you really want to find out what that is? I know I don’t!


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