The Beauty of Life

Anyone who can look at this video and say a fetus is just a blob of tissue is just a monster.  If you don’t get choked up looking at life from conception to birth to after birth and all the beautiful children in the video, you have no heart. If the world is so overpopulated-which it isn’t-the pro-choicer should be the first one committing suicide just on principle! Don’t ask others to sacrifice their lives-do it yourself! If you will not do it then be quiet about telling others to kill their children!

Babies rock! I have one son and each day I spend with him breaks my heart a little more.  It breaks my heart because I know one day he will be his own man and on his own.  It breaks my heart because each second is not enough to spend with him. It breaks my heart because each moment laughing, joking, talking and just plain loving each other is so precious that I don’t want it to end, but then the next day comes and he gets closer to not needing Mommy one day.  It breaks my heart because he is not my baby anymore, he is a young boy.  But with the heartache, I also get joy.  I get to be proud of him as he learns something new.  I get to be amazed as I get to know this most incredible person.  Adonai is not just my son.  He is my reason for breathing.  I was put here to bring him into the world. He is the greatest thing I have ever done.  And when I look upon his face in his future manhood, he will be the greatest man I ever loved.  Thank you God, thank you for bestowing on me this undeserved blessing.  Thank you for giving me my treasure-that is why I named him after you.  I would die for you and I would die for him.

Any mother who thinks her children should die for her is not a mother.  In fact, she is not even human.  I once heard a story of a cat who went back into a burning building to save her kittens.  She dragged each of them out one by one and would go back in to get the rest.  She  didn’t stop until every kitten was accounted for.  She got badly burned but she didn’t care. She was going to save her babies! So even cats will sacrifice themselves to save their kittens. If a cat will put her children’s lives before her own who are we not to? What a pity when cats are more noble, more brave and more human then human beings! If pro-choicers are so fond of animals, why don’t that emulate that cat? Maybe because they are more of an animal then that cat is.  God bless mothers and fathers! Even cat ones!


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