Girls Speak Out-Yes on Prop. 4

As this video clearly shows, girls want to be protected. They want their parents involved.  It is time we stop worrying about the profiteers, profiting off teenage girls’ pain, and start worrying about our daughters.  The truth is where parental notification laws have been enacted, abortion rates have gone down.  Not only have abortion rates gone down but teen pregnancy have gone down during these last few years when abstinence classes were instituted.  It is time parents are given back their rights to raise their children.  It is time parents are no longer vilified.  It is time they stop pitting us against our children! It is time we stand up to the Nanny State and tell them that we are not taking it anymore!

It is despicable that these people would have us believe that getting a girl an abortion then sending her back to an abusive home is a better solution then getting her before a judge, explaining the abuse to him, having that judge verify her story, get her help and out of the house! That is what Proposition 4 will do, but the opponents don’t want to protect those girls. They just want to get their money and let them continue to get their head bashed in! Such heartlessness is truly grotesque and barbaric.  Let’s protect all our daughters.  No one deserves abuse and no one deserves an abortion!


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