Bursting the Bubble-Yes on Prop 4

The No on Prop. 4 people want you to believe that if young girls have to tell their parents about being pregnant it will force them to have dangerous illegal abortions. What they don’t tell is ALL abortions for young women are dangerous! It is dangerous because their reproductive organs are more fragile and immature than an adult woman’s, so their uteruses get perforated more, their cervixes get lacerated with greater frequency, all in all they suffer more complications.  The abortion industry is unregulated. There are no standards of care for abortion as there are for other medical procedures.  Girls are often rushed to the emergency ward (when they are called that is) because of a botched abortion and the abortion is unable to handle any real medical emergencies.

Abortion clinics are unsanitary, one was even closed down for using CROCHET HOOKS ON THE WOMEN! Since when are crochet hooks medical equipment. Tamiah Russell died because the parental notification law was ignored. She was 15.  Deanna Bell was 13 when she died and come to find out that the doctor didn’t even perform the abortion on her.  She was left for hours alone, unattended and died.  She was given more medicine than what is prescribed for a girl her age! This is the real abortion industry.  Is this worth protecting? I don’t think so!


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