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Dueling Constitutions: Weimar vs. U.S. Constitution

            While all men are created equal, all constitutions are not. As we now are finding our liberties to be rapidly evaporating, it is prudent that we take the time to think not only about our own constitution but those around the world, past and present. It stands to reason, if Obama and his leftist cronies … Continue reading

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Birthing Obama

There is a fervor surrounding Obama’s birth. According to several news outlets the Supreme Court will not be reviewing cases brought forth by two voters to legitimize Obama’s birth certificate. I see we have the legitimacy to elect him, just not the legitimacy to question his qualifications in the first place. How ridiculous is that … Continue reading

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Saxby Chambliss Wins Georgia!

This is great news for conservative Republicans. For the last month we have been waiting with bated breath for the outcome of the Georgia senatorial race. We knew if we lost to Jim Martin, who Obama was heavily backing, that Obama would basically have free reign as they would have an unstoppable majority. Chambliss won … Continue reading