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Tea Party Sponsor Joins A Black Conservative Digest!

Visit A Black Conservative Digest One of the main sponsors for the Tax Day Tea Party is Americans for Limited Government and Carter L. Clews, who handles the press inquiries for them, has joinedA Black Conservative Digest Carter has also been the executive director of Laptop America (formerly Laptop Lobbyist) in fact, he is the … Continue reading

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A Real Feminist Would…..

I am so sick of feminism being associated with these hateful, leftist women who want nothing more than to tear donwn the traditional family, our country and even God himself. I am part of an organization that was built on true feminism-The Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These … Continue reading

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Kathleen Sebelius Signs Pro-Life Bill

According to The Wichita Eagle:  “Gov. Kathleen Sebelius signed a bill late Friday that would allow women to see an ultrasound or hear a fetal heartbeat before receiving an abortion.” Kansas Governor has been a huge proponent for abortion and has never met an abortionist she didn’t like. She even threw a reception for George … Continue reading

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Abortion Facts Every Conservative Should Know

Visit A Black Conservative Digest I have decided to put together  a list to help conservatives with the facts concerning abortion, so they will have these at their fingertips when they are  debating with a pro-choicer. First we need to educate ourselves on the players in the abortion world-past and present.  It always makes you … Continue reading

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A Tea Party Even a Mormon Can Attend

On December 16, 1773  Samuel Adams,  Paul Revere and other American patriots unhappy with the current government in England dictating unjust laws on the colonists rose up and dumped  342 crates of tea in the Boston harbor.  That act would become known as the Boston Tea Party and their slogan “taxation without representation” still echoes … Continue reading